responsive audio devices


Responsive audio devices


Our team has been responsible for a long series of systems and components that have enabled luminary musicians and recording engineers to achieve stellar levels of performance from their gear. For more than 3 decades, our approach has encompassed the following procedures:

•If the appropriate solution involved currently available devices, we understood the subtle but significant properties inherent in commercial audio equipment, and could specify, calibrate, and interface such devices in an optimum form.

•If commercial gear exhibited enough of the necessary characteristics, we modified the devices for improved performance.

•If nothing on the market did the job, we designed and built custom devices.

For the next decade, we intend take the next logical step: to create a series of products that draw on the most widely applicable designs in our portfolio. Their qualities range from improvements on established types of gear to some devices that necessitate the establishment of new categories appropriate to their functions.

the bronzeville

Demand for an excellent magnetic pickup specifically designed for bronzewound acoustic guitar strings that doesn’t require a preamp or battery power was initially driven by premier contemporary archtop guitar builder Ken Parker. His use of such strings is essential for maximizing the acoustic character of his instruments. You can read more about these instruments (and the pickup system) here:

A flattop version is now being finalized in conjunction with some of our truly favorite players, builders and major acoustic guitar manufacturers.

VIDEOs of our devices in action

1. A recent pickup design for maverick Austin guitar builder Tony Nobles.


2. Our chief designer Bob Palmieri discusses our new series of pickups for Wilco guitarist Nels Cline with the man himself.


3. Bob deploys the Duneland Devices in a live performance with Rolling Stones’ keyboard player Chuck Leavell to deliver the ideal jazz and blues tones for Chuck’s reimagining of Honky Tonk Woman.


4. Master LA guitarist Dean Parks explores new sonic scapes with a Les Paul Recording guitar equipped with custom Duneland pickups and control system.

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